Look for SU evacuees on Categorian or WordPress

Gosh, I didn’t know that evacuees wasn’t spelled with a “t” in it.   Looks strange.

Hi, I wanted to let you know that I just learned about Categorian.  Google it. Killpain from StumbleUpon told me so I have started a Blog there.   I don’t know my URL.  What shows up in the address line just doesn’t seem right, but what do I know … I can’t even spell evacuees right.  lol

Killpain said that SU members are having “a ball” there and so … I’m there!

I have had a great day discovering new SU members and loving old ones … my heart just gets that warm fluffy feeling when I look at their avatar and their SU name.  They mean so much to me.   Yet, I haven’t been a good friend back due to being ill and also lost in depression.

There is a song with lyrics “she wore the grey robe of rain”.  I wore the grey robe of despair … it fits me too well because I slip into it way too easily.

It’s funny but being able to just kind of make fun of myself “here comes the grey robe” … makes it not take hold of me so easily.  I am still alive, so it is working.



Pigeons and Airplanes (Music Blog)

"Pigeons and Planes" is a music blog that tells about bands you might have 
missed hearing about ... or what bands are currently doing.  

I especially like their slogan:  "There's smoke in my iris, but I printed a 
sunny day on the insides of my eyelids".


Hello world!

On 10/24/11, StumbleUpon is erasing anything we have placed on our site (years and years of stuff!) except links … and so, I have fled here with photos, reviews, links, and things that made me say “oh!”  It will probably take me 3 years to update the categories  … sorry.

Quite a few things make me say “oh!” … I am just that kind of gal.   I have been asked one too many times:  “are you an alien?”  (Alien, as in outer space alien).   And, I am ok with that … I think I would rather be an alien than someone who misses the beauty of  a tree’s shape,  or doesn’t look at cloud formations, or stops hoping that a butterfly will pass by.

My “About” section pretty much sums up what is currently apropos (but it is lengthy, as I don’t seem to be able to think in short sentences).

“follow the light”  … until next time …

SamEppersons favorite websites – StumbleUpon


I marvel at Sam’s consistency of bringing charm, whimsy, and, most importantly, “gentle, in-your-face, reminders (through essay, photos, music, and/or quotations) of something we have tried to ignore about Life … for example, how fast time passes. Sam is one of those rare individuals whose words are few in number but enormous in impact. I feel strongly the need to acknowledge someone who hasn’t given up on the “world” … and is trying to make our world a better place … thank you, Sam.


Absolutely beautiful (drawing of 3 roses).

Wendi Dee Loses Nearly 100 Pounds


This is a video (taken over a few months) of a woman who had gained weight (even though she had been conscious of what she was eating) and then lost the weight by going on a raw food diet. What is so wonderful and different about this video? The woman visibly not only became slim but she radiates health and happiness. This is an inspiring video of a woman’s struggle to become healthy again and succeeds.

Where The Earth Meets The Sky – solo guitar – Johnny F Butler


You don’t want to miss seeing this video of Johnny Butler playing the guitar.

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